A little bit about Lenny

Lenny started Judo at 11 through an after-school sports club. He soon realised he had a real passion for the sport and wanted to progress himself further. At the age of 14 he turned up at Kangei Judo Club. He clearly had a natural flare and talent for the sport which was quickly spotted and developed by the coaches. Since joining Kangei Lenny has firmly cemented his name as a real talent within the sport of Judo. He achieved his Black Belt at age 15, the youngest age you can do this within the BJA. He won a Cadet Silver Medal in 2016 British Championships and has since represented his county in the Sainsburys School Games and the European Judo Cup in Spain. Lennys has always shown real enthusiasm to teach and become part of the Kangei coaching team age 17 and is now a qualified UKCC level 1 coach. Today Lenny is studying a teaching degree and has achieved his competitive 2nd Dan and continues to help at Kangei Judo Club.

Why I love what I do

Shortly after joining kangei I began to help out on the mat and assist Grant and Dan with their coaching. During such time i found that I had a lot of passion for coaching and wanted to be a part of the coaching team here at kangei.
 As the months came closer to age in which I could complete my level one coaching course, Grant and Dan asked me if I wanted to become a qualified coach. This gave me great feelings of importance and achievement as I knew i would be able to give children younger than my self the same opportunities to succeed in sport, regardless of their background or ability.
With the clubs younger player flourishing and showing great promise I am proud and keen to taken on the responsibility to help them on their way as they transition to top judoka. I am proud to be a part of the Kangei family and take great pride in my responsibilities of a coach to give my all to the players